Our History

In 1947 a team of cleaning experts came up with a powerful new cleanser. They needed a name as effective as their product, which led them to “Ajax.” Ajax was a hero of the Trojan Wars – think back to your Greek history – who was said to be taller and stronger than any other soldier. He was also known for marching into battle with the cleanest uniform on the Adriatic Peninsula.

In 1967 a team of laundry experts brought Ajax’s power to the world of wash and rinse, and Ajax Laundry Detergent was born. It was in a powder – the state-of-the-art in those days.

Ajax announced itself to the world with a still-famous advertising campaign featuring the White Knight who zapped clothes clean and ended with the slogan “Stronger than Dirt” – as a shout-out to our Greek hero.

In 1968, Jim Morrison of the Doors also gave us a shout-out when he chanted “Stronger than Dirt” at the end of the iconic song “Touch Me.”

In 1973, Ajax reduced its phosphate content as a commitment to sustainability. In the same year, it submitted data to the government which proved that clothes washed in Ajax lasted longer.

Believe it or not, it wasn’t until the Mid-1980’s that laundry detergent was offered in a liquid form. Which today is the most commonly used laundry detergent?

In 2008, Ajax introduced 2x concentrated formulas that provided the same great clean with half the dose. Offering consumers a great product while significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

Today we are still making the “Stronger than Dirt” all-American cleaning hero known as Ajax. Our scientists continue to find new cleaning agents and ways to make all our products work harder for you and your family. Look for our newest products, Dual Action that fights stains and brightens colors or new Ajax Odor Out. This intense cleaner deep cleans the toughest odors like the “funk” we find on our children’s sports clothes! Ajax comes in six different varieties specialized in cleaning all sorts of tough everyday stains and odors. Try them all or enjoy your favorite day in and day out.

And one last thing, we are really proud of the fact we are made in America by hard working people for people like you!