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Browse the Ajax Heroes directory below or nominate your own hero on our Facebook page by submitting a picture and explaining why you think they deserve to be an Ajax Hero. If chosen they can win $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice* plus a year’s supply of Ajax Laundry Detergent.

Charles B.

Charles B. - Georgia

Hero: Charles B.

Location: Gainesville,Georgia

Description: Volunteer eye surgeon

My Ajax Hard Working Hero is Dr. Charles Bradley. A local town ophthalmologist in Gainesville, Georgia who was the only eye doctor in Hall County Georgia willing to see prisoners and is always reaching out to help those in need both in his own community and around the globe. He has traveled to Ghana, Russia, and Vietnam with See International and volunteered his time and expertise to operate on patients in small villages where crossed eyes and cataracts were just accepted and never fixed. Imagine a child seeing their parents with perfect vision for the first time at age 7! Dr. Bradley also loves being outside and helps with his Church’s gardens and overall landscaping weekly. He has also been known to give his best dress shoes to a local homeless man he wanted to help and didn’t have anything else to offer. A member of the local Kiwanis Club and on the Casa Board helping wayward Mothers get back on track so they can keep their families together. Giving selflessly to the community around him is effortless and a tremendous influence on all of us around him. I should know. He is my Dad.

-R. Fretty

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