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Browse the Ajax Heroes directory below or nominate your own hero on our Facebook page by submitting a picture and explaining why you think they deserve to be an Ajax Hero. If chosen they can win $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice* plus a year’s supply of Ajax Laundry Detergent.

Kevin G.

Kevin G. - New York

Hero: Kevin G.

Location: Cortland,New York

Description: Always goes the extra step

My hero is Kevin Goodwin who is an Alpla planner for all U.S. Nonwoven Corp liquid laundry and Final Touch bottles manufactured at Alpla in Cortland, NY. He always goes the extra step to service U.S. Nonwoven Corp to make sure our needs are met. Some examples are as follows:

Yesterday, I was at Cortland and he took the time as soon as I met him to show me his inventory program to give me 10/1 to 11/1 inventory via beginning inventory, receipts, production plus scrap and ending and checked BOL’s on transit report to make sure no duplication. He ran numerous calculations on various product to make sure we are OK on our transition. I spent a half hour and had 2 follow up visits with no notice.

Later he suggested process change to transition new label copy earlier with relevant parties.

Prior to that he didn’t hesitate to immediately inform me while on vacation that his planning stopped on new bottle production due to lack of input from Phoenix.

He definitely comes to work daily to service his customer.

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